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For most athletes, muscle recovery is often an overlooked, and underrated routine. Athletes push their muscles to the limit, but forget to provide their muscles with proper recovery to counteract soreness, stiffness and breakdown. Athletes who prioritize recovery create an edge!

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GSA Athletes_edited.jpg
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Perks of recovery:

  • Boost energy,

  • Decreased stress and anxiety, 

  • Reduce muscle tightness, 

  • Eliminate body stiffness, 

  • Reduce inflammation,

  • Overcome fatigue,

  • Improve flexibility, 

  • Optimize range of motion, 

  • Increase blood flow,

  • Maximize strength, speed, and power,

  • Prevent injury, and overuse pain,

  • Boost immune function,

  • Enhance sport performance.

Common issues recovery can tackle:

  • Stress fractures,

  • Shin splints,

  • Plantar fasciitis,

  • Achilles tendinitis,

  • IT band pain, 

  • Sciatica, 

  • Tennis or golf elbow, 

  • Patellofemoral pain,

  • Osgood Schlatter,

  • Sprained ankle, 

  • Neck, shoulder, back pain,

  • Muscle injury.


Ready to experience recovery like a pro athlete and improve your body's condition? We offer a variety of recovery modalities: red light therapy, compression therapy, muscle stim therapy, vibration therapy, hydration and supplementation to optimize muscle recovery. 

Unsure about the type of recovery needed?

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GSA Athletes_edited.jpg
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