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Why Test?

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We have two options. Option 1) be trendy, do random exercises and drills which may or may not work for the athlete. Option 2) Collect data, measure precisely what are the athlete's strengths, weaknesses and imbalances to understand what their body needs specifically to perform better. We choose option 2. Collect data and customize a personal training plan to fit the athlete. Do what's best for the athlete. This leads to faster results, fewer injuries, better technique and increased confidence. 


Performance Testing

We start every athlete with performance testing to create a baseline. This baseline helps us understand their individual strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. This provides guidance and allows us to design a personalized training plan to help the athlete become less injury-prone and produce more force to run faster, jump higher and move more athletically.

What’s being tested: posture, ROM, flexibility, balance, mobility, coordination, strength, power, speed, agility, and running mechanics. From a mechanical standpoint, we’ll evaluate their current athletic strategy for take-off acceleration, change of direction deceleration, landing mechanics and body control during athletic positions. Performance testing is a must for every athlete between the ages of 9-25. 

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